Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

A solid Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Program is vital to any solid security program. A DLP Program can help organizations prioritize and define the rest of the organization's security program. The staff at Smart Touch can help your organization build a DLP Program that will help clearly define data that is critical to the organization; as well as protect the data that your organization values the most.


Smart Touch can help your organization develop a solid DLP Program that will provide direction and purpose to your current security program. When you clearly know what to protect, where it is, and have a clear plan as to how to go about protecting it; your organization is on its way to having a solid security program. 


Smart Touch's team of consultants have an in-depth knowledge of security “best practices”; and are experts in helping organizations develop and build a wide range of security programs. We are excellent at helping organizations strengthen their security programs by staying on the cutting edge of both the newest attacks hackers are using to attack organizations; as well as techniques used to protect against these attacks.

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