Architecture and Topology Review

Architecture Reviews provide insight into the access controls, management, redundancy, vulnerabilities, and visibility of your organization’s network, servers, and web applications. This is accomplished through in-person interviews, architecture design reviews, and configuration reviews. Smart Touch approach compares the current topology and configurations to industry best practices, looking for potential incorrect configurations, server placement, and overall design flaws. The Architecture Review illuminates the design’s security risks of the organization and applicable countermeasures. Additionally, Architecture reviews can be tailored to focus on any part of your environment. Some of the common Architecture Reviews include: Network, Operating System, Web Server, Web Service, and Web Application level reviews. 


From being subject to compliance frameworks and standards, to ensuring the security around critical business operations, to planning for data center migrations; there are numerous motivating factors for performing an Architecture Review. The Review provides an excellent way to identify potential security flaws within the overall organization as well as a “sanity check” for newly designed web applications, servers, and network infrastructures prior to implementation. 


Smart Touch has subject matter experts in many unique environments. Smart Touch’s internal pool of diversified backgrounds can provide insight where others may fail; therefore, distinguishing itself as the right team to address a myriad of design concerns.

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