Firewall Audit

Firewalls are a critical component to an organization’s network infrastructure. Firewalls serve as one of the first lines of defense that an organization has against an external attacker. If this first line of defense is weak, an organization could face considerable risk of being compromised. During a Firewall Ruleset Review, a consultant performs a line by line analysis of the firewall's configuration. The firewalls configuration is reviewed for industry best practices that are taken from the Center for Internet Security, NIST, the DoD, as well as vendor-specific guidelines used to ascertain common criteria as a starting point. 


Even the best security program can quickly become irrelevant as new exploits are released and new attack techniques are developed. Managing a security program to avoid security risks requires constant vigilance and a solid understanding of the current security threats. The situation is exacerbated by any additional need to be compliant with industry laws, regulations, and standards. When an organization needs to maintain a state of security and compliance, an expert 3rd party may be needed to manage the process effectively.


From network segmentation and hardening, to policy and procedure development, our Risk Management professionals provide the guidance and expertise to secure your organization. SecureState’s Risk Management Team has years of expertise translating customer data and feedback to improve network infrastructures, systems, security domains, and processes in alignment with business objectives. We have assisted organizations in a myriad of industries, providing us with the knowledge of various ways that different sectors secure their data. Our expertise ranges from redesigning a branch office network topology, to meeting PCI requirements on an organization-wide basis. 


The staff at Smart Touch draws from many years of experience when creating network designs; as well as conducting product implementation reviews, redesigns, and deployments. Our consultants are experts at configuring and maintaining Active Directory, TACACS+, DHCP, MRTG, NTP, FTP, SSH, IAS, RADIUS, CallManager and Ciscoworks servers for prolonged engagements; as well as providing transitional training to the internal networking and system administrative teams.

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